Laws & Policies


Air Quality and Transportation Laws (compendium)

Air Quality and Transportation Policies

Air Pollution Control Act

Biodiversity and Sustainability Policies

Business-related Environmental Conservation Law

Environmental Policy Laws (compendium)

Environment Law (Basic)

Environment Law (Basic) and Basic Environment Plan

Environmental Conservation and Education Enhancing Law

Environmental Impact Assessment Law

Global Environment Laws (compendium)

Global Environment Policies

Green Purchasing Law

Health and Chemicals Laws (compendium)

Health and Chemicals Policies

Japan Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS) 2016 for US Forces Japan

Nature and Parks Laws (compendium)

Total Emission Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides from Automobiles in Specified Areas, Law Concerning Special Measures

Waste and Recycling Laws (compendium)

Waste and Recycling Policies

Water Pollution Control Law

Water, Soil, Ground Environment Laws (compendium)

Water, Soil, Ground Environment Policies

Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act



Environmental Policy Enforcement

Environmental Law and Practice (sc.Default)&transitionType=Default&firstPage=true&bhcp=1


Chemical Regulations in Japan, an Overview

Japan-US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Collaboration